8 - 10 OCTOBER 2019


James Yamoah

Speaker Name

James Yamoah

Chief Operating Officer

Ghana National Petroleum Corporation

James is the Ag. Chief Operating Officer to GNPC and is responsible for establishing policies that promote GNPC's culture and vision. He oversees operations of GNPC and the work of Technical Executives. He also designs and implement business strategies, plans and procedures and sets comprehensive goals for performance and growth.

James oversees daily operations of the GNPC and the work of executives (IT, R&D, Technical etc.), leads employees to encourage maximum performance and dedication. He evaluate performance by analyzing and interpreting data and metrics. Write and submit reports to the CEO in all matters of importance.

Currently he leads expansion activities in investments, acquisitions, corporate alliances etc. and manage relationships with partners/vendors. In addition, he creative technical solutions that enable GNPC to complete a field development projects successfully within time and budget with the resources available and maximize Ghana’s profit. His project portfolios include Gas Sales Agreement, Gas Nomination Agreement, Petroleum Agreement and Field Development.