8 - 10 OCTOBER 2019



AFRICA is home to some of the world’s fastest growing economies with an abundance of yet to be developed natural resources, unlocking significant investment scope for energy companies and power producers with an appetite for integrated growth and development cross-border.

The need for sustainable energy transformation will continue to grow as companies and governments review short-long term strategies for affordable and reliable energy. Over the next two decades Africa’s evolving energy sector will focus on natural gas resources, power generation, renewable energies, power infrastructure, hydrocarbon plays and new technologies to navigate the future. Governments re-align strategies fueled by regional co-operation and new policy frameworks to support Africa’s changing and competitive landscape.

With significant strides being made in Africa’s oil, gas and energy revolution, declining oil prices mean companies are required to rethink and revise exploration technologies that will drive energy costs downward.


In 2035 Africa accounts for 21% / 1.8 billion of the world’s population compared to 16% today

28% growth in Africa’s energy production with demand at 75% by 2035

Renewables contribute 17% to total Africa energy demand growth

Electricity demand in Africa to triple by 2030

$356 billion+ in energy investment is needed More than $800 billion in capital needed for new generating capacity, transmission and distribution

Demand for oil to rise 56% (producing 8.3 Mb/d of Oil by 2035)

Power Generation will account for over 45% of Africa’s energy demand by 2035

Demand for natural gas to rise 80% (producing 30 Bcf/d of gas by 2035)